• Now available in: Johannesburg

We are able to offer COD payment (EFT Immediate Payment or Debit/Credit Card Only) in Johannesburg through the cash on delivery couriers. 

Each delivery comes at a cost, so it is important that our COD deliveries are successful, for you and for us. This necessitates the following process:

At Torxsa, every device is unique. When an item is ordered, it immediately becomes unavailable for others to order.

The item/s you have ordered have been reserved for you, however, to be fair to all of our clients, a R1000 non-refundable logistic fee would be needed in order for us to send out the parcel to the applicable couriers branch. 

Please use your order number as your payment reference, and email the proof of payment to sales@torxsa.com. The parcel will be dispatched to our partnered cash on delivery service upon receiving a valid proof of payment. Our partnered cash on delivery service will typically deliver to you within one working day of receiving the parcel from us. The typical turnaround time from order to delivery is three working days unless otherwise specified.

Please see some frequently asked questions below along with the eligible areas.


What is Cash on Delivery?

Cash on Delivery is a service that enables us to deliver your purchased device from www.torxsa.com before making full payment. This gives you the ability to order online and make payment only when your device is delivered.

How long does it take to deliver?

Delivery will normally be within 24h to 48hr unless otherwise stated on the ad. It is recommended to confirm with our sales team via call, whatsapp or email.

When will it be shipped?

Delivery is overnight to the couriers if the order and a valid proof of payment be is received before 1PM on a working day. Should it be received after 1PM or over a weekend, the order will be processed the following working day.

What is a Logistics fee?

A logistics fee is a compulsory non-refundable fee of R1,000 that needs to be paid upfront for any orders above R2,000 to be able to assist you

Should I still pay the full amount after delivery?

No, once the R1000 has been paid, the final total amount to pay will be excluding the fee. For example, if your order is to the value of R10,000, you would pay the remaining R9000 via EFT Immediate payment upon the couriers arriving with the parcel. Please note full payment must be made before the item is handed over.

Once the couriers arrives, what are my payment options?

You may make payment Payment can only be made via EFT, however, this is required to be an instant/immediate payment as the couriers can only release the goods once payment has cleared.

Do you deliver anywhere?

Please note, for now COD is only within selected (Johannesburg) areas, specifically shopping malls or shopping center's near your location that we have an agreement with. We do not deliver door to door when it comes to cash on delivery.

Can I order any item for Cash on Delivery?

No, the cash on delivery option is only for single items under 3kg that cost R50,000 or less

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